Signify the Limitations before the Lord

[Ilustrasi mercusuar/ sumber:]
Rate this post A Story: One day a man climbed the high stairs, toward a tower. On the way up the stairs, a little candle on his right hand asks the man, “Where are we going?”
The man replied, “We will go higher and will guide the big ships in the middle of the vast ocean.”

The small candle was startled. He asked, “What? How can I guide the big ships with my tiny light? The big ships will not be able to see my light.”

“It’s none of your business. If your light is small, so be it. All you have to do is stay alive and the next thing is my job,” said the man.

It was not long before they reached the top of the tower where there was a very large lamp with reflective glass available behind it. The man switched on a big lamp by using the weak flame of the little candle. In an instant, the place reflects a bright light, so the ships in the middle of the sea see the light.

We often feel we cannot do anything. We feel ourselves limited. Then what we do is we resign when we are given a task. We feel ourselves incapable.

With our existence and limitations, indeed we will not be able to do anything meaningful. Yet one thing we must remember is that our life is like a little candle in God’s mighty hand.

All our abilities and skills will remain as little candles, if we do not put our lives in the hands of God.

God wants to use us to be His instruments in manifesting good. In this way, even though we feel our presence is less influential, we will find a better life. God is able to make us this limited have the ability to live better. It is like the flame of our little candle becomes bigger when we give our lives into the hands of God.

For that, we have to open ourselves to the will of God. We should dare to say to God, “Come to me according to Your will, Lord”. In this way, we want to say that in this life we are not working alone. We are finite capable of doing miraculous things, if we work with God.

Why do people often experience the worries in this life? The answer is because people only rely on their own ability. As capable as humans, we must have limitations in this life. Under these circumstances, we should dare to surrender our lives to the Lord who is organizing this life.

As believers, let us continually strive to live the spirit of surrender to God. We give our lives to God, because we humans are weak and limited. We can only live if we are able to give our lives to God. May God always bless us. **


Frans de Sales SCJ


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